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Students Attend Leadership Summit

September 27, 2023
By Lake Catholic

Lake Catholic students took part in The Leadership Summit, presented by All Choice Matter and Team IBB, earlier this week at Andrews Osborne Academy. 

Representing Lake Catholic were Ariana Coyne, Layla Foradis, Raegan Kvoriak, Katie Morgan, Hannah Pattie, Kate Powaski, Kenzie Prosuch, Mia Schaefer, and Maddie Spies.

Those nine, and students from 11 other schools heard local leaders share stories of how they persevered in the face of adversity to become respected leaders people seek to follow. 

There were seven speakers, each with their own message, as part of the Summit. 

Dione DeMitro, Executive Director of United Way Lake County, reminded the group that “Your past does predict your future,” and that “Happiness starts with gratitude,” but also reminded them to “Be of service to others and be at peace with yourself.”

Elizabeth Brassell, who was the first runner-up for Ms. Wheelchair Ohio, pointed out that “Our flaws make us unique,” “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try,” and to “Focus on what you can do.”

Laura Gray, the founder and executive director of iPride, said that everyone should “Be the leader in your life, and lead with your heart.”

Wendy Kunash, a professional development coach, shared the simple message that everyone should “Share your thoughts and feelings; otherwise, people do not know.”

Karyssa Kestranek, who is a motivational speaker, also had a simple message, “Make good choices.”

Jimmy Mrozek, the Dean of Students at Andrews Osborne Academy, reminded everyone that “The way you act impacts other people,” but also, you should “Thank people who give meaning to your life.”

Finally, Michael Hutter, a professional wrestler known as EC3, shared a truth that “Leadership comes with value, but can be a burden, cast doubt, cause fear, and is about sacrifice,” but also “Leadership is the opportunity for growth and change.”

All Choices Matter is “a nonprofit established to connect youth to local leaders to take pressure off of teachers, engage parents, and help youth navigate life’s tough stuff,” according to its website.

Team IBB was created to very simply help others achieve more. As stated on its website, “We have learned a lot in our lives about failure, success, and the importance of having a plan in place that is directly inline with your goals. We want to use our experience to help others do the same in any way we can.”

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